Monday, January 16, 2017

AngularJS2 Architecture

1- Modules: - AngulasJS2 App is collection of modules. Each module define/contains code to perform single task.It contain export class stating that this class is public and can be access by other modules in applications.
2- Components:- It is controller class with a view template that deals with view of application and logic on the page.
3- Template:- This define the view part of our AngularJS2 application
4- MetaData :- It is data inside data. If we refer to our component we use metadata to tell angularjs2 to create a component using decorator i.e. @Component is decorator.
selector : 'mySelector',
template : '

Siddhartha dhumale

directives : [MyComponentDetails]
export class MySiddhuClass{...}
@Component is a decorator which uses Metadata to create the component and its view.
selector :- create instance of component,
template:- tells Angular what to display on the screen using tag and
directive:- represent array of components and directive.
5- Data Binding:- It binds data and view and viceversa
Interpolation: It displays the component value within the div tags.
Property Binding: It passes the property from the parent to property of the child. From Component to Template.
Event Binding: handle click event on the screen.
Two-way Binding: binding two way between template and component.
6- Service
Services are JavaScript functions use to do a specific task only. In AngularJS2 services are injected using Dependency Injection mechanism. Service example are loggin service, data service etc.
7- Directive
The directive is a class that represents the metadata. It is of three type:-
Component Directive: It creates custom controller by using view and controller.
Decorator Directive: This directive use decorator to decorates elements by giving them additional behavior.
Template Directive: It converts HTML into a reusable template.

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