Thursday, September 08, 2016

Simple explaination of Horizontal and Veritical clustring concept

Horizontally clustered environment:- Application is deployed on multiple physical machines. Each machine is ready for requests. This concept helps in protection over hardware failure, increases efficiency and best part is it provides load balancing along with process fail over. As all good thing come with overhead this style too has limitation i.e. since there are many number of physical machines installation and maintenance cost increases proportionally.

Vertical clustering:- Multiple application server instances are hosted on the same physical machine. So in this scenario we need to have high end machine configuration as all the request is taken by one single machine. Disadvantage:- If hardware fails then there may not be ready alternative.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

How to set gocode, guru and godef parameter in eclipse

Step 1:- Go to window -- preference and then click on GO option
Step 2:- Make sure to set the GOPATH which is similar to our GO Eclipse project path
i.e. C:\Go-Workspace\TestGoProject
Step 3 :- Finally Click on Download button as shown in image and it will down load all the necesarry *.go for us in bin folder of Eclipse Project
Step 4:- Finally click Apply and finish


How to install goeclipse for Go Language and execute simple hello world project in Eclipse IDE

Step 1:- Download Go from
Step 2:- Download the latest version of JAVA/J2EE Eclipse Version. We had taken Neon from Eclipse Site
Step 3:- Set GOROOT Variable in your system till the bin path i.e We had installed Go in C Drive so set GOROOT=C:\Go
Step 4:- Install goEclipse Plugin from belwo link. It will take time to configure Go Plugin.
Step 5:- Create New Go Project

Step 6:- Make sure to create a package inside src folder of Created Go Project by Eclipse
Step 7:- Click on the project and press ALT+ENTER and following below screen will be displayed
Step 8:- For GO Installation set the path where bin folder of Go project is set
Step 9 :- Uncheck check box :- Use same variable as the GOPATH environment variable
Step 10:- Add your newly created Eclipse project by using add Folder button and click apply and ok.
Step 10:- Finally build the application by clicking on build as shown in the below image
Step 11:- After successful build we will see siddhu.exe created inside the bin folder of our Eclipse project.
i.e. siddhu name is taken from the folder name in which we keep the *.go files.
Step 12:- Two way to execute
A- Either from command prompt. Navigate till bin folder of eclispe project and execute exe as shown in belwo figure
b- Execute it using Eclipse i.e. right click on file in eclipse and select Rus As->Go Application