Friday, August 21, 2015

How to validate WSDL file

1. Download and install Eclipse wtp

2. Open eclipse IDE

3. Start to create a new wsdl (File --> New --> other --> Web Services --> WSDL)

4. Give a name to the wsdl (you can provide the name of wsdl which needs to be validated) and click on next. Accept the default options and click on Finish.

5. You will see a design view of a new wsdl file. Move to source view by selecting "Source" tab.

6. You will see an skeleton source of the new wsdl. Just remove it. (remove all elements in the wsdl)

7. Copy the contents of your existing wsdl (Suppose it is Myservice.wsdl) and paste in the source tab.

8. Save it by selecting save button in eclipse tool bar.

9. Right click on the wsdl file and select Validate

If your wsdl has errors, those will be shown in problems pane.

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