Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to install Jenkins in Tomcat Apache

How to install Jenkins in Tomcat Apache

Continuous integration is now becoming a mandatory rule in Development.

With the help of tool like Jenkins and Hudson now developer can do automatically build and run Test case at predefined period.

The idea is that development errors are identified very early in the process.

ENVIRONMENT we need to install Jenkins

Jenkins 1.626 (URL:- http://jenkins-ci.org/) 

Deployment Method

Their are different deployment method that can be used to run Jenkin

1- Jenkins can Run as a standalone application:

java -jar jenkins.war –httpPort=18080 –ajp13Port=18009

2- Or deploys in an application server as Tomcat:

This is the most simple method of deployment

Just copy the download jenkins.war inside your webapps folder of tomcat and restart the tomcat.

you will be able to see this screen.

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