Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Configuring Jenkin to create deployment component

Now lets try to configure simple build script to create our simple GWT Test Programe deployment component.

Let say we had created TestGWTProject project using Eclipse GWT Pluin inside our J2EE-workspace

To create the deployment component of this project we need to create a war file using jar command of JAVA.

Simple step involved are

Step 1- Go to


Step -2 :- Exeuctre jar command
jar -cvf TestGWTProject.war *.*

now we will try to do the same thing using Jenkins

Step -1:- Click on create new Project screen

Step 2- Give Name to the Item i.eTestSiddhuProject

Step -3:- Select Freestyle project reason we are not using Maven , Extern job, Multi-Configuration project

Step 4:- Select Execute windows batch process as we are using window OS and window bat file to create deployment component.

Step 5:- click on save button and you will see this screen and click on build now option

we will get our deployment war file inside C:\J2EE-workspace\TestGWTProject\war

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