Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nodejs Installation and Configuration with Eclispe

- Download Nodeclipse from below given location
or You can also try belwo given URL to drag drop in your Eclipse. We had used Mars version of Eclipse.
- Download latest version of Node.js from
- Window, Linux and MAc version are available
- Window :-
For window Once you installed Nodejs it will create nodejs inside Program Files folder of C:\
C:\Program Files\nodejs
Make sure you had node.exe and npm.cmd inside this folder.
- Add this in your PATH to make Nodejs available on cmd prompt by adding following line your system path.
C:\Program Files\nodejs\
- Check availability of Node js using following command on command prompt
node --version
- This will display the version of installed NodeJs.
- Open your above nodeclipse and bydefault it will come with inbuild Node js. If you want to use latest Node js use configure your Eclipse using below screen.
Window --> Preference --> NodeEclipse


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