Monday, April 24, 2017

JMeter Concept

Jmeter is used for Performance, Stress and Load.

- Execution Flow :-
- (Test Plan --1 to *--> Test Group -- >
- Configuration elements [Its allow you to create defaults and variables to be used by Samplers. ]
- Pre-Processors [A pre-processor element runs just before a sampler executes. ]
- Timers [Timer element enable you to define period to waite between each request.]
-  [Logic controller :- It control the order of processing of Samplers in a Thread i.e. ForEach Controller, While Controller, Loop Controller, IF Controller]
- Sampler [Samplers allow JMeter to send specific types of requests to a server]
- Post-Processors [A post-processor executes after a sampler finishes its execution.](unless SampleResult is null)
- Assertions [Assertions allow you to include some validation test on the response of your request made using a Sampler.] (unless SampleResult is null)
- Listeners [Listeners let you view the results of Samplers in the form of tables, graphs, trees, or simple text in some log files.] (unless SampleResult is null))

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