Wednesday, September 07, 2016

How to install goeclipse for Go Language and execute simple hello world project in Eclipse IDE

Step 1:- Download Go from
Step 2:- Download the latest version of JAVA/J2EE Eclipse Version. We had taken Neon from Eclipse Site
Step 3:- Set GOROOT Variable in your system till the bin path i.e We had installed Go in C Drive so set GOROOT=C:\Go
Step 4:- Install goEclipse Plugin from belwo link. It will take time to configure Go Plugin.
Step 5:- Create New Go Project

Step 6:- Make sure to create a package inside src folder of Created Go Project by Eclipse
Step 7:- Click on the project and press ALT+ENTER and following below screen will be displayed
Step 8:- For GO Installation set the path where bin folder of Go project is set
Step 9 :- Uncheck check box :- Use same variable as the GOPATH environment variable
Step 10:- Add your newly created Eclipse project by using add Folder button and click apply and ok.
Step 10:- Finally build the application by clicking on build as shown in the below image
Step 11:- After successful build we will see siddhu.exe created inside the bin folder of our Eclipse project.
i.e. siddhu name is taken from the folder name in which we keep the *.go files.
Step 12:- Two way to execute
A- Either from command prompt. Navigate till bin folder of eclispe project and execute exe as shown in belwo figure
b- Execute it using Eclipse i.e. right click on file in eclipse and select Rus As->Go Application

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